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The website available at (“Website”) is maintained and made available by Rosset & Cia Ltda., a private legal entity with headquarters at Rua Maurício de Barros, No. 121, Bom Retiro, Postal Code: 011.32-020 in the City of São Paulo, State of São Paulo, enrolled with the National Corporate Taxpayers Register (CNPJ) under No. 61.522.173/0001-64 (“Rosset Têxtil”), which finds that the electronic records and personal data left by you (“You” or “User”) when using the Website are relevant, and therefore this Rosset Têxtil Privacy Notice (“Notice”) serves the purpose of letting Users know how personal information is collected, used and protected.

This Notice may be updated at any time by Rosset Têxtil via website communication and/or email, in case the User has opted to receive Rosset Têxtil’s communications.

In order to facilitate reading and understanding of the provisions set forth in this Instrument, we present below a summary table with the covered topics. 


Processing Agent Rosset & Cia Ltda.

Address: Rua Maurício de Barros, No. 121, Bom Retiro, CEP: 011.32-020, São Paulo/SP 

CNPJ/MF No. 61.522.173/0001-64

Role in Processing Controller
Nature of processed data Personal data provided by the User and/or collected automatically;
Main Purposes of Personal Data Processing by Rosset Têxtil Allowing Website features.

Legal basis: Execution of Agreement.

Using personal data for advertising purposes, such as sending information about the products’ fabrics and colors, besides possible promotions and discounts.

Legal basis: Consent.

Sharing Operators and providers of services essential for carrying out our activities.
Data Protection Appropriate security, technical and administrative measures.
Your rights Confirming the existence of processing, access, correction, anonymization, portability and elimination of processed information, as well as others described in Chapter III of the General Personal Data Protection Law (Federal Law No. 13.709/2018).


  1. Which Personal Data Do We Use?

1.1. The Website may collect the information actively entered by the User during the first access and also information collected automatically when using the Website, such as, for example, IP address with date and time of connection, history of browsing and previously subscribed fabrics and colors, among other options.

1.2. Therefore, two (2) types of personal data are processed: (i) those provided by Users themselves; and (ii) those collected automatically.

(i) Information provided by the User: Rosset Têxtil collects all information actively entered by the User on the Website when registering to make purchases, by entering the following data: name, email address, company name, CNPJ, address; and/or by agreeing to receive our newsletter. Rosset Têxtil will use this information to advertise fabrics and colors, promote advertising material, promotions, discounts and events, whenever authorized by the User through their consent; and

(ii) Automatically Collected Data: Rosset Têxtil also collects information automatically, such as: characteristics of the access device, browser, IP (with date and time), IP origin, information about clicks, accessed pages, pages accessed after leaving the Website, among others. In order to make the collection, Rosset Têxtil will use some standard technologies, such as cookies, pixel tags, beacons and local shared objects, which are used with the purpose of improving the User’s browsing experience on the Website, according to their habits and preferences.

1.3. The User may request to update their data upon submission of documentation already amended at the Brazilian Federal Revenue and the Commercial Registry, as well as the exclusion of their data collected by the Website upon request in the format indicated in the “Contact” topic, available below.

1.4. Even after the User leaves the Website, Rosset Têxtil may store personal data without subjecting it to active processing, so as to comply with legal obligations regarding data retention or for the legal defense of its interests.


  1. How Do We Use Your Personal Data?

2.1. Personal data collected on the Website will only be used for the purposes described in this Notice. Namely: 

  • Purpose of execution of agreement. The collection of information on the Website aims to formalize and execute the contractual agreement carried out through the Website, that is, the management, administration, provision, expansion and improvement of the Website for the User, adjusting it to the User’s preferences and their tastes, as well as creating new services and products offered to the User. 
  • Purpose of communication, promotion and advertising. The information collected may also be used for advertising purposes, as well as for sending information about brands, products, services, promotions and discounts offered by Rosset Têxtil, as well as the disclosure of events. Rosset Têxtil may centralize the information collected on the Website, which may be used in other pages and services related to all Rosset Têxtil brands, with respect to the purposes hereof. In case the User no longer wishes to receive advertising material from Rosset Têxtil, at any time it is possible to click on the option “I no longer wish to receive these emails” made available in all emails sent after acceptance.
  • Data shared with partner companies. Whenever necessary, we will share your data with operators and service providers who are part, either directly or indirectly, of Rosset Têxtil’s commercial activities, especially in the execution of services provided on the Website.
  • Data collected for compliance with legal obligations. Rosset Têxtil is required by law to retain some basic data on logs of access to the Website’s services, including, but not limited to, IP address in the source connection, with date and time. Such data are kept for a period of six (6) months. Other data may be stored as well in order to comply with legal obligations, such as those related to partners and formal complaints about products and services. 
  • Legal purposes. Rosset Têxtil may use data collected in its defense in judicial and extrajudicial conflicts, always in compliance with Brazilian legislation, based on the legal defense of interests, except in cases where the User’s fundamental rights and guarantees prevail.
  1. How Do We Use Cookies?

3.1. Cookies are files or information that can be stored in the User’s devices when they visit the Website. Cookies usually contain the name of the Website that originated it, its lifespan and a value, which is generated at random.

3.2. The website uses cookies to facilitate the use of the Website and better adapt it to its interests and needs, as well as to compile information on the use of the Website, helping it improve its structures and its content. Cookies may also be used to enhance your activities and future experiences on the Website. The types of cookies used by the Website are:

Types of Cookies Functions:
Essential These cookies are essential for the Website to load properly and allow the User to browse and make use of all available features.
Performance These cookies help us understand how visitors interact with the Website, providing information on the visited areas, time spent on the Website and any problems found, such as error messages.
Functional These cookies allow the Website to remember your choices, in order to provide a more customized experience. They also allow the user to watch videos and use social tools, among others.
Marketing These cookies are used to provide more relevant content according to the User’s interest. They may be used to show more targeted advertising or limit the number it is displayed on the Website. It also allows measuring the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

In addition, these cookies may be used to signal Websites visited by the User and be shared with third parties, such as advertising agencies contracted.


3.3. At any time, the User may withdraw their cookie consent by using the settings in their preferred browser. For more information on how to proceed in regard to cookie management in browsers, we make the following links available:

3.4. Finally, it should be pointed out that in case the User does not allow the use of some cookies, certain services may function sub optimally.


  1. Who Do We Share Your Personal Data With?

4.1. Rosset Têxtil is part of an economic group and works in partnership with many companies. Therefore, it may share information collected through the Website in the following cases:

  1. With partner companies, when carrying out Rosset Têxtil’s commercial activities, especially in the execution of services provided on the Website;
  2. With companies providing technological and operational infrastructure needed for the activities on the Website, such as information storage service providers.
  3. For protection of interests in any type of conflict, including legal actions;
  4. In the case of corporate transactions and changes involving Rosset Têxtil, in which case the transfer of information will be necessary for the continuity of the services; or
  5. Upon judicial order or at the behest of administrative authorities with legal competence.
  1. How Do We Keep Your Data Safe?

5.1. Rosset Têxtil considers all information collected through the Website confidential, ensuring that it is processed and stored in compliance with the provisions of this Notice and with the adoption of appropriate logic and organizational security measures, in accordance with the sensitive nature of the data and the risks inherent to the activity. Such measures will follow the standards of the industry’s best practices, using, for example, safe connections, multifactor authentication, among others. 

5.2. Rosset Têxtil asserts that all internal security policies are appropriate and reasonable to ensure the correct processing of data, and that it will store the information collected on the Website in its own servers or hired ones.

5.3. Rosset Têxtil uses reasonable market means, as well as those required by law, to protect the User’s data. Therefore, it adopts the following precautions, in compliance with guidelines on the security standards established in Decree No. 8.771/2016, which regulates the Internet Civil Rights Framework, such as:

  1. Using standard and market methods to encrypt collected data;
  2. Protection against unauthorized access to its systems;
  3. Only authorizing previously established people to access the location where the collected information is stored;
  4. Performing maintenance of the inventory, indicating moment, duration, identity of the employee or person responsible for access and subject file, based on connection logs and access to applications; and
  5. Ensuring that those who come into contact with the information commit to maintaining absolute confidentiality. The breach of confidentiality will entail civil liability, the party responsible being penalized pursuant to Brazilian legislation.

5.4. Rosset Têxtil endeavors to preserve confidentiality and security of Users’ data. However, no Website is 100% safe and it is not possible to fully ensure that no information going through the Website will be the target of unauthorized access perpetrated through methods developed in order to wrongfully obtain information. For this reason, we encourage the User to take the appropriate protective measures, such as, for example, maintaining confidentiality of username and password.

5.5. Please be advised that Rosset Têxtil does not interfere with and is not responsible for third party platforms, even those of commercial partners.


  1. How are Collected Data Retained?

6.1. Information collected by Rosset Têxtil through the Website is deleted from its servers when it is no longer useful for the purposes for which it was collected. 

6.2. Nevertheless, the information may be kept in order to comply with legal and regulatory obligations, legal defense of Rosset Têxtil’s interest, transfer to third parties (provided the data processing requirements are observed) and exclusive use by Rosset Têxtil, access by third parties being prohibited, provided it is anonymized.


  1. What are the User’s Rights?

7.1. In compliance with applicable regulations, Rosset Têxtil, as the controller of your personal data, ensures that you have all the rights related to your personal data that are provided for by the law, including, but not limited to:

  • Knowing if Rosset Têxtil processes any of your personal data;
  • Knowing which of your personal data are processed by Rosset Têxtil;
  • Correcting incomplete, inaccurate or outdated data;
  • Requesting anonymization, blocking or elimination of unnecessary or excessive data, or those which might have been processed in breach of the law;
  • Requesting data portability to other service or product provider;
  • Requesting the review of decisions made automatically that affect your interests;
  • Requesting the elimination of data processed with your consent;
  • Obtaining information on public and private entities with whom Rosset Têxtil shares your personal data;
  • Whenever the processing activity needs your consent, you can deny it. In this case, Rosset Têxtil will inform you of the consequences of not carrying out said activity. Consent can be revoked at any time.

7.2. In case Users want to exercise their rights or need any help exercising them, they can contact Rosset Têxtil, according to the guidelines established in this Notice.

7.3. Rosset Têxtil will endeavor to meet these requests as soon as possible. However, even in case of request for exclusion, a minimum period of six (6) months of storage of User information (access data and IP address) will be observed, as provided for in Brazilian legislation applicable to Internet application providers.

7.4. In case Users request the elimination of certain data or revoke their consent, access and use of certain Website features may be made difficult or impossible.


  1. Who is Responsible for Data Processing?

8.1. Processing of data collected is carried out by Rosset Têxtil, companies in its economic group, or third parties under Rosset Têxtil’s guidance. 

8.2. All and any query, complaint, request for information or exercise of rights can be made via written message, directly to, or sent in the “Contact” tab on the Website, containing the following information:

  1. Name of requester;
  2. Company name and CNPJ;
  3. Email address used to register on the Website; and
  4. Description of the request.

8.3. Other information might eventually be requested to meet the demand, in case any doubts arise on the veracity of the information provided or the requester’s identity. In case it is not possible to confirm the requeter’s identity, whether by inaccuracy of the information or suspicion of fraud, the request will not be fulfilled.


  1. International Transfer

9.1. The User’s personal data collected during the use of the Website may be processed by Rosset Têxtil, companies in its economic group or subcontractors, always in compliance with applicable legislation; subcontractors may be headquartered or process the personal data in countries outside Brazil. In this case, we guarantee that our subcontractors are also subject to the obligations in this Notice.

9.2. By accepting this Notice, Users agree that their personal data may be transferred to Rosset Têxtil’s subcontractors or partners outside Brazil, and are aware of all applicable guarantees regarding processing abroad, as provided for in this Notice.


  1. General Provisions

10.1. One party’s forbearance to the other’s breach of any obligations agreed herein will not be considered novation or waiver of any rights, but will be considered an act of mere liberality, thus not precluding the forbearing party from demanding from the other party full compliance with this Notice.

10.2. In case any clause in this Notice, or even in Rosset Têxtil’s Terms and Conditions of Use, is declared void, the remainder of the clauses will remain in force and will be interpreted taking into consideration the parties’ will and purposes.


  1. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

11.1. This Notice is governed by the Brazilian law, which is fully applicable to any disputes that may arise on its interpretation and execution, as well as any other dispute directly or indirectly involving the provision of Services.

11.2. The parties hereby acknowledge the jurisdiction of the courts of the city of São Paulo (state of São Paulo – Brazil) to settle any dispute arising out of this Instrument.


  1. Contact Us

12.1. Thank you for reading our Notice. If you have any doubt regarding this Notice or wish to report violations of this Notice, of Rosset Têxtil’s Terms and Conditions of Use or of any provision of the Brazilian legislation found on our Websites, please contact us on +55 (11) 3226-8800, via email to or in the “Contact” tab on our Website.

Last update: January 19, 2022.

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